Putting the Church in Order: Conclusion The work of planting churches was a deliberate and strategic work. Paul and the other apostles had a host of coworkers at their disposal to see that the church would grow and spread to the ends of the earth. The workers needed to be qualified. They had to be serious followers of Christ. The men and women that labored in the early church were bringing a new culture into the world. We have a different job. As believers, we pick up where those that have gone before have left off and we take the gospel of Jesus Christ and share it to the world. We don’t do it by choice but out of necessity. We declare life to a dying world. Let us honor those saints who are now in heaven that worked so hard to make sure that we had the gospel. For those of you who do not believe in Christ. Jesus died so that you might have life. Trust in him for your life. And if you do, you will be adopted into his family, the church. We have some fake members, some that are black sheep, and some that are zealots and every stage in between. So, you belong here if you will only repent of your sin and believe.