Names are important. We understand this. When we name our children we are careful about what we call them. We know that, in some sense, what we name our children will have an impact on their lives. Likewise, if you start a company, you know that what you name the company will be scrutinized by the public. It says something about what you do and who you are. We know and the world knows that when the angel came and said, “you shall call his name Jesus,” that meant something. Certain implications come with the name Jesus. There is a comfort and a judgment that comes with that name. It’s a name that everyone must and will hear. It’s not just for the elite, the rich, the ruling class but for every household. Jesus is the name of the one that was spoken of long ago, “I have granted help to one who is mighty; I have exalted one chosen from the people.” When the name was first heard by Joseph he was an obscure carpenter in the backwoods town of Nazareth. He was betrothed to a godly woman but there was nothing out of the ordinary with her, that is until she became pregnant. He was a just man and unwilling to leave his betrothed to shame. But as he thought about what to do an angel appeared to him in a dream and told him not to be afraid. A child from God had come. The name of Jesus would be linked forever to “fearing not”. No one else’s name can drive away fear like the name of Jesus. The name was given before anyone had laid their eyes on him. When he was born, he was unlike anyone that had ever been born. He was human, but not corrupted. He was made like we are made but yet he would not sin. He is the Holy one, the anointed, the Son of God yet he became the Son of man. The name of Jesus that the world had heard before would be forever changed just like humanity would be forever changed. Today, I want to examine five different things about the name of Jesus. His name is the only one given by which man must be saved and so there is great importance that is attached to this dream of Joseph and this delivery of the name by the angel.