It is amazing to just step back and see the plan of God unfold in Joseph’s life. He was thrown into prison by Potiphar who kept the Pharaoh’s prisoners. The cupbearer and baker became prisoners of the Pharaoh and, therefore, ended up in the same prison as Joseph. Because of Joseph’s honesty and hard work, which both Potiphar and the jailer recognize, he is put in the position to get to know the cupbearer and baker. God gives the two officials dreams and God gives Joseph the interpretation of those dreams. God has brought Joseph to this point in his life. And God will soon bring the next phase of his promise to Joseph to fruition. The question today is: Do you believe in this God who is in control of everything. You saw in this story that God works in the lives of people in many different ways. He uses lives for his purposes and moves people where he wants them. Do you believe in this God? Many people make God into their butler who only works and acts when they permit him. They pretend that God won’t bless or save unless they first tell him he is allowed to do so. This is not the God of the Bible. This is not the one true God. God does what He wills and takes counsel with no one. God gives grace to the undeserving and unknowing and will bless, as we have seen in Genesis, even those that are in sin. God will do whatever he wants. Is this the God you believe in? If not, then I pray that you will find the one true God. If you have found Him, then my prayer is that we would grow in our faith and trust in him. Joseph could have lamented being falsely accused and jailed and cursed God. But he remained faithful in those horrible circumstances. May we follow his example. May we follow the example of our savior who was like a lamb that was led to the slaughter. May we like so many of the brothers and sisters that have gone before us, that stood for the truth, for the faith, though it cost them their lives. May we know and act according to the fact that, though we might find ourselves in a place we hate and never thought we would be in, that, in the end, there is laid up for us a crown and Jesus is waiting there to give it to us.