a. Joseph is proven true. Three days pass and we find that it is the Pharaoh’s birthday and he makes a feast for all of his servants. At the feast his lifts up the heads of the chief cupbearer and the chief baker. This means that they were both brought to trial on this day. The cupbearer is either found innocent or is pardoned for his crime and is restored to his position as chief cupbearer. The baker is found to be guilty and is beheaded and his body hung on a spike. Everything happened just as Joseph had said. He was right. Interpretations come from the Lord. Joseph was a wise man of God, like Daniel after him, and this special gift from God will one day lead him to importance in the land of Egypt. b. Joseph is forgotten. At the very end of the chapter, we find the connecting sentence between chapters 40 and 41. We might be wondering why we received all these details about these two officials and their dreams. Well, this last verse ties these two stories together. Joseph had asked the cupbearer to remember him when he was restored to his position. Joseph hopes that his case would come before the Pharaoh and the truth of his wrongful imprisonment would come to light. But, the cupbearer, being restored to his position simply forgot about Joseph. We should not judge the cupbearer too harshly because how many times have we found that when our lives are at ease and things are going well that we forget about the troubles of others. It will not be until the end of two full years that God will change the entire direction of Joseph’s life, again.