a. Must not be done. As Hamor is on his way out to meet with Jacob, the sons of Jacob came back in from the field. Word of what happened to Dinah had made its way to them as well. Gossip in every age travels fast. Jacob’s sons are indignant and very angry when they hear what happens to their sister. The reason that is given as to why they are angry is that Shechem had done an outrageous thing in Israel. His action is a thing that must not be done. First, notice that they say “in Israel”. Now, some attribute this to Moses, as if this is a narrator’s note that what happened to Dinah is not something that is to happen in the nation of Israel. It is against the will of God. This could be a probable answer. But it also has been several years since Jacob wrestled with God where his name was changed to Israel. Since they are a household that follows God and his ways that have been passed down through the years, starting with Adam and Eve, they could be saying that you do not do this sin to the house of Israel. Either way, what Shechem had done enraged the boys and they were not going to put up with it. b. The Proposal. And so, Hamor arrives at the tent of Jacob and begins to lay out the marriage contract. Hamor addresses not only Jacob but also his sons. The word “you” in his address is plural. He says to them that his Shechem is in love with Dinah and desires to be married to her. He invites them to intermarry with the people of the city. He also opens up the land to Jacob and his sons. Where before Jacob had only the land upon which he pitched his tent and built his altar, after this marriage contract, the land is open to them to purchase. They will be welcome to buy, sell, trade, and acquire real estate in and around the city. Shechem, who also accompanied his father to the negotiations, speaks up at this point. He tells Jacob and his sons that they could name whatever they wanted for the bride price and he would pay it. No price is too high. c. Like father, like sons. Verse 13 says that Jacob’s sons answered Shechem and his father deceitfully. They lie straight-faced to them. We’ve seen this sin happen over and over again. Jacob lied, Laban lied, Rachel lied, and no Jacob’s sons lie. This is a lying family. In their wrath, they tell some truth mingled with lies. They are right in saying that they cannot give their sister to someone who is uncircumcised, or in other words, outside the covenant of God. The Shechemites were pagans and not part of the covenant people and that would disgrace them. What they do next is fairly blasphemous. They tell the people of Shechem that for this marriage to go through all of the men in the city must be circumcised like they were. No circumcision was the sign that was given by God to Abraham because of God’s covenant with Abraham and his family and because of Abraham’s faith. These Shechemites do not meet any of the requirements to take the sign of the covenant. They are not saying that they will follow God. The brothers are not telling the Shechemites that they must first give up their idols and follow the one true God. No, they use the sign of circumcision as a pretense for the evil they plan to do. The brothers say, be circumcised then we will intermarry and we will live in your city and we will be one people. But if all of you don’t get circumcised then we will just take Dinah and move away. Hamor and Shechem hear their proposal and they were happy with the agreement. And so Shechem runs back to the city and does not waste any time on fulfilling his end of the marriage contract.