These last few verses are a tirade of Jacob where he unleashes his anger and berates his father-in-law. a. I’m not a thief. In 36-37, he argues that he has not stolen anything and demands the proof. If Laban has proof he should bring it forward and let the people judge. b. I’ve served you well. In 38-40, states that for the twenty years that he has been with Laban he has always done right by him. And if there were any losses, Jacob took the loss himself and did not pass it on to Laban. He worked tirelessly in the heat and the cold. c. You’re a lousy father-in-law. In verse 41, he turns the tables back on Laban. He says that he has been with him for twenty years. He served 14 years for his two daughters and six years for the flock. He has put his time in and what did he get? His wages changed ten times. In reality, he only wanted to serve the seven years for Rachel and leave but Jacob has been longsuffering with Laban. d. God Is On My Side. Jacob says that if it weren’t for God and it was up to Laban, he would be leaving Haran empty-handed. Jacob calls God the God of his father, the God of Abraham, and the Fear of Isaac. The Fear of Isaac is an interesting phrase and has been debated over the centuries. The ancient Rabbis speculated that Jacob did not call God the God of Isaac because Isaac was still alive and that would be dishonoring. It seems to me that it harkens back to chapter 27 when Isaac was confronted with his sin of trying to confirm the blessing to Esau instead of Jacob. Isaac trembled exceedingly abundantly when he realized that his plans were thwarted by God.