Jacob has been changing in the 20 years since he lied to his father and stole the birthright. Jacob has spent twenty years being cheated and mistreated by his father-in-law. But after those twenty years in the school of Christ, he finally confesses his dependence on God. God saw his affliction and the labor of his hands. God rebuked Laban. Apart from God, Jacob would have been homeless with no family and no wealth. God’s kind providence was upon Jacob and he was beginning to open his eyes to this fact. When uncertainty and hardship come into your life, what is your response? Do you doubt God’s goodness? Do you wonder if he sees your affliction? Do you think maybe he hasn’t seen how hard you’ve been working? Maybe you spent 20 years in the school of affliction and perhaps you’re there right now. Learn like Jacob did that God has been on your side. God sees what you are going through. God will act on your behalf. He is at work transforming you into the likeness of his Son. You are a jewel in the hand of the Master Jeweler. It is only through grinding and filing and polishing that you, who were nothing more than a dull rock will finally shine for all eternity. May God enable us to trust his wisdom and to grow in our trust. May we make use of every tool that he has given us to grow in that trust.