When you live in a house of lies there will be consequences. a. Esau’s and Isaac’s consequences. In these verses, we see that Jacob gets the birthright and the blessing just as God had said. But this was all done through lies and deception and there are consequences to be paid. We already know Esau’s consequences. He is unholy and does not know God. He and his descendants will be enemies of God. But what about Isaac? He was trying to go against God. Look at what happens. He is already blind. When Jacob brings the food to Isaac he questions why he was able to get the food so quickly. Jacob says because Yahweh, Jacob’s God gave him success. Ironic, isn’t it? God is going to allow Jacob to fool his father here. First, Isaac suspends his belief in the passage of time. Second, Isaac’s sense of touch is confused. Did the goatskin really feel like Esau? Third, Isaac doubts his hearing and ability to discern his sons’ voices. Despite all of this doubt, the only question he asks is, “Are you really my son Esau?” Jacob flat out lies and says, “I am.” What does Isaac do? Oh, bring on the food then. Isaac is made into a fool. Look at who silly he looks. There is a consequence for sin. b. Rebekah’s and Jacob’s consequences. So it all works out for Jacob and Rebekah, right? Jacob gets the blessing, which is what God promised, but he then goes on the run. Rebekah loses her favorite son and her other son has wives the causes her bitterness. Jacob has to leave behind everything that he gets from the blessing. For decades he is working for another man. For years the great deceiver is himself deceived over and over again. May we never be tempted to think that our sinful actions are excused because everything will work out in the end.