a. GOOD OLD AGE. As we read of the death of Abraham we read the eulogy and probably don’t think much about it. Moses writes that Abraham, “died in a good old age, an old man and full of years.” You’re probably thinking, “so, what’s the big deal? He was 175 years old that’s a fitting description.” But do you know who died just 25 years before Abraham? Shem. That’s right. Noah’s son. The guy who rode on the ark dies just 25 years before Abraham. Now who died in a good old age, an old man and full of years? Shem at 600 or Abraham at 175 just 25 years later? Both, right? Undoubtedly, sin and the curse had caught up with the human race which caused Abraham to be old and die at 175. However, that doesn’t make one die in a good old age and full of years. Why could this be said of both these men? Their relationship with God. Abraham is the friend of God. On earth, he walked blameless before his Lord. He did not die embitter by losses and the difficulties of life but died full of years and a good old age. Do you hear the difference? The good old age and full of years are less about the number and more about the relationship with God. Those that go against God are cut off but those that are friends of God die as one full of years. b. GATHERED TO HIS PEOPLE. Moses also mentions that Abraham was gathered to his people when he died. In death, there is the distinction again. He was not gathered to all people, but his people. Who were Abraham’s people? All those that died in faith like him. He was gathered to Shem and Noah and all those that came before them that trusted in the promises of God. Isn’t it interesting that Jesus tells the story of the rich man and Lazarus and says that when Lazarus dies he is gathered to someone’s bosom someone’s side? Whose side is Lazarus at? Abraham! Lazarus is gathered to his people in death which are all at Abraham’s side. c. THE BLESSING OF ISAAC. The end of the story here mentions that Isaac and Ishmael reunite, perhaps for the last time, to bury Abraham. The two brothers mourn together but then part their separate ways. Moses quickly returns to the theme of separation and promise as he states that God blessed Isaac after Abraham died. The promises did not die with Abraham but were truly transferred to Isaac. It is a great way to end the life of Abraham. He did not die in vain. His struggles and the growth of his faith were not for nothing. God’s promises to Abraham were not empty. God is faithful and will accomplish all that he says. And so God blesses Isaac.