3. MAY YOU BECOME THOUSANDS 59-67 a. The Blessing 59-61 In this final section we see two things. First, the blessing. Some people have suggested that the blessing could be just a common one spoken at the engagement of a family member. Even if that’s the case we know because we’ve read 23 chapters of Genesis that this blessing takes on so much more meaning. Since she is marrying Isaac, the one who is in the line of the seed of the woman, she is guaranteed to be the mother of thousands of ten thousands and her offspring were guaranteed to possess the gate of those who hate him. b. The Comfort of Isaac 62-67 Several weeks pass and the caravan arrives back in Canaan. Isaac had been living out by Beer-lahai-roi which you’ll remember is the well that saved Hagar and Ishmael and means the well of the Living One who sees me. And God had seen him and now is presenting him with the one that he had raised up for him. The servant comes riding up with Rebekah and she, in modesty veils herself when she finds out that they were approaching her soon-to-be husband. Moses tells us specifically that Isaac loved Rebekah and that their relationship brought comfort to him after the death of his mother. It is clear that this story is about more than just a young man and woman getting married. It is the next step in redemptive history. This story of providence stands as a reminder that God has a plan and a purpose behind everything. And his plan to rescue his people from their sin, to bring about the birth of Jesus, his death and resurrection was one step closer to reality.