The Aftermath of Sin: The Messes We Make

Part 2 of 5.

The Damage of Fear.

When we last left our friend Lot he was in Zoar. He was dragged from the city of Sodom to safety. Lot and his daughters were saved from the destruction. But that was in verse 29. Now we are in verse 30 and where do we find Lot? He lived in the hills in a cave. Wait a minute. When the angels told Lot to run for his life, where did they tell him to go? They said to run to the hill country. Where did Lot want to go? He wanted to go to Zoar.

Remember that he struck a bargain with the angels. He suggested that Zoar was a small city and that it was okay to spare the city and let him live there because it was small. God mercifully consented to this. Now, Lot is living in a cave in the hills? What happened Lot? Why are you there? We are told “he was afraid.” Lot was afraid and moved. Let me say one thing right here. If you are moving because of fear, it better be the fear of God that has caused you to go. But I don’t think this is what is motivating Lot. There is some ungodly fear, not faith, that is leading Lot down this path. Fear is making a mess of his life.

The Messes Get Messier.

Remember where Lot has come from. He started out leaving Ur with his uncle Abraham to sojourn in the land of Canaan. That was a good move. He stayed with Abraham as he traveled about, as he pubically worshipped God, as sojourned in Egypt, and as he returned to Canaan. All great choices.

But then came the turning point when Abraham suggested that he and Lot separate and Lot looked up with his eyes and saw the fertile valley near Sodom and Gomorrah. Bad choice. Then he moves into Sodom, gets captured when the kings pillage the city, and Abraham rescues him. Another choice is to, stay with Abraham or go back to Sodom. He goes back and then ends up sitting in the city gate. Horrible choice. Judgment falls on the city and he doesn’t run. He gets dragged from the city and then feels it’s okay to bargain on how he is saved. Another bad choice. And now he leaves the city after God has promised him safety in Zoar to live in a cave. From a rich man living in a home to a poor caveman. What a mess Lot has created. Unfortunately, he is not done yet.