Good News of Great Joy: How Is the Joy of the Lord Our Strength?

Part 5 of 6

Not the joy of earth. The joy of this earth comes from worldly pleasures and earthly possessions. Take away the source of pleasure, the joy disappears. It’s the law of diminishing returns. The momentary joy of drugs and alcohol quickly fades and is replaced by misery and the constant desire to regain the momentary joy. It’s a constant rollercoaster ride. If joy comes from possessions the joy is quickly destroyed once the item is destroyed. Or once the possession becomes our possession the joy you received from that item diminishes over time and it must be replaced by a new possession, and another, and another.

Joy from knowing the Lord. This joy is strength. This joy cannot be found in anything that is found on earth and cannot be taken away. This joy may start off small but continues to grow and overshadows all lesser joys. Its not dependent upon anything like fame or health, or friends, or riches. Some people lack everything that the world says will bring joy and yet, they have it in abundance. Those that have the joy of the Lord will find that even if a great tragedy may come into their life and their happiness is all but destroyed, and there seems like there can be no comfort in the suffering and sorrow, there source of pain has been transformed into a source of joy. The joy of the Lord is our strength. It makes us strong where sorrow weakens us. It builds us up where joy in sin tears us down. The joy of the Lord is a stronghold.