Good News of Great Joy: Conclusion

Part 6 of 6

This Christmas, remember the good news of great joy. The Prince of Peace has come. The joy of the Lord has come and has taken up residence in the heart of God’s children. This joy cannot be compared to the joy that you can create on your own so seek the greater joy. Seek the greatest joy. Come and find pleasures forevermore.

If you have that joy, then go home and celebrate with your family this week. Feast and laugh and share in the strength that the joy of the Lord gives you. But then, look outward to those who are not prepared for this feast day. Share with those who do not know the joy of the Lord. Tell them the good news of great joy that is for all the people.

And for those of you who do not know this joy. Cry out to the Lord and he will be your strength. Ask him for his joy. Seek joy while it still may be found. Keep asking the Lord for joy to enter your heart until he gives it. Don’t give up. Keep asking. He won’t be annoyed by your persistence. He won’t turn you away.