INTRODUCTION It seems that every year or so a passage of Scripture is latched on to by the church and the surrounding world. One that I have heard more and more over the past year is, “Love your neighbor as yourself,” or just, “love your neighbor.” This is a great command. As Christians, we should love this command. We should know this command. We should embrace this command. So why do I want to talk about this command? We shouldn’t have a problem that people are quoting Scripture. It’s great that this command is spoken but the problem is how it is used, how it has been applied. This verse has been used and abused lately. I’ve heard it used by church and seminary leaders, other normal Christians, and even politicians. It’s been used on both sides of the issues that have been happening in our country today. From Covid to protests, to plagiarism, to wokeness, the phrase, “love your neighbor” has been wielded as a weapon on both sides. But what does this phrase mean? Is it right for us to use the phrase, “love your neighbor” and then we fill in the blank after that with whatever we want? Can we biblically do this? Does God allow us to define what this command means? Or has God told us what this phrase means? Let’s take a look at the Scripture.