We have seen in this passage the plan of God’s salvation continuing forward. It is mind-boggling to try and comprehend the complexities of the plan of salvation. We often simplify His plan when we try to explain it to unbelievers and children, but we do a disservice to ourselves and dishonor God if we leave it there. Think back at where we have come in this book, the many stories of people’s lives that we have only had a brief snippet of, the major and cataclysmic events that people lived through. We have seen fragile life and faith that is often weak. And yet, one thing that has remained rock solid and has overcome every odd stacked against it: the promise of God. God’s word is invincible. It is irresistible. The promises keep advancing. They keep being fulfilled. Individuals have tried to stop them. Nations and coalitions of nations have tried to stop them. But God’s word and his promises are unstoppable. Many people today are concerned about the future of our country and for good reasons. There is nothing wrong with preparing for problems in the future or trying to live more like our forefathers did and not dependent on someone else to do everything for you. But we must not allow the evil of our day to rob us of our coming joy. One day Christ will come and for those of us who are ready, it will be the best day we will have ever known. Maybe it’s right around the corner or maybe it is thousands of years in the future. That is for God to know. We are called to have our lamps burning. We are to be working right up until the end. As Whitefield said, I would rather wear out than rust out. May we take joy in the knowledge that God has planned, he has promised, and what saith the Lord will be done. Amen!