a. Pharaoh commands Joseph to bring his family. The servants heard what was going on and the news spread fast in Pharaoh’s household. Joseph’s brothers had come. The news of Joseph’s family pleased Pharaoh and his servants. Then Pharaoh gave Joseph three things to say to his brothers. 1). Load your beasts and go to Canaan and bring back your families. 2). Take some of the wagons of Egypt to travel by. 3). Don’t worry about bringing your stuff because we will supply you with the best things from Egypt. Jacob’s household would have had many things that had been bought, or plundered in the case of Shechem, over the years. The Pharaoh is saying to them that the loss of their things would be more than made up for in Egypt. It would be for them as Joseph experienced. Though this would be the land of their affliction God would bless them and make them forget the troubles of their home. b. Joseph obeys and adds gifts. Verse 21 gives us the positive confirmation that Joseph and his brothers did as the Pharaoh commanded Joseph loaded their donkeys with food for their families for the trip and they were given some of the Egyptian cargo chariots to ride back and forth to Egypt in style. Joseph also took the initiative to provide a few extras. To all of his brothers, he gave a change or changes of clothes. But to Benjamin, he gave five changes of clothes and three hundred shekels of silver which was a decent amount of money. For his father, Joseph sent twenty donkeys, ten carrying the “good things” of Egypt, which was probably expensive trade goods, and ten carrying grain, bread, and provisions for the trip. It is estimated that a normal donkey could easily carry around 100 pounds of dead weight so Joseph sent about 2000 pounds of goods to his father. Joseph told his brothers that they were to tell Jacob of his honor in Egypt and this display of provision, especially during the famine, would help to persuade his father of the truthfulness of his life in Egypt. Before the brothers set out, Joseph tells them not to quarrel along their journey. Joseph saw in his brothers the inclination to fight amongst themselves. They had already begun to point fingers when they were convicted of their wrongdoing against Joseph. Perhaps Joseph was afraid that would happen again as they traveled home. Whatever his reason, he gives this command as they leave for home.