CONCLUSION This story reminds us that we need to submit our wills to God. Of course, if you are not a Christian today, this is one of the first things that you will notice as you become a Christian. Your desires change. The things you care about change. You become less self-focused and more focused on others and what God has said in his word. We as Christians know that this is a continual learning process. We saw today that Jacob still struggled with submitting his will to God. He was afraid to allow Benjamin to go to Egypt. But in the end he submitted himself to God and entrusted his desires and cares into the hands of God. Do you struggle with this? Do you have a hard time giving God everything? Are there parts of your life that you are unwilling to entrust into God’s care? Are you like Jacob, who was afraid to entrust his children to the mercy of God? Or perhaps it is your finances? Or your relationships? Or your sexuality? Or your time? Or your service to the church? We could go on. This week, think about this. Examine yourself and try to think of one area that you need to submit your will, your plans, to God. Search the scripture to see what God has to say about that area of your life. Are there people that struggled with that area or overcame their unwillingness or fear? Are there direct commands or guiding principles that speak directly about your issue? And then begin to pray about it. Pray that God will help you with your unwillingness and your fears. Pray that God will give you wisdom. And pray that God will give a confidence in him that whether he gives or takes away, if you bereaved you are bereaved, you will trust in the mercy of God.