CONCLUSION This chapter really focuses on that ironic phrase of Jacob. Jacob and his sons are perceiving that all of these events are against them. That is the complaint. What has God done to us? They are viewing these events through the lens of the world. Famine, imprisonment, false accusations, forced travel to foreign countries, humbling oneself before a foreign ruler, guilt and shame over past sin, untrustworthy sons, and a distrusting father, through human eyes, all seem like a horrible and impossible situation. To be sure, God is using these events to bring discipline upon Jacob and his sons. But, as Hebrews 12 reminds us, “For the moment all discipline seems painful rather than pleasant, but later it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it.” They are experiencing the pain of discipline. Perhaps you are there today. The events in your life are bringing pain and confusion. You cry out with Jacob, all these things are against me. I’ve been there. But Hebrews also reminds us to lift our drooping hands, strengthen our weak knees and make straight paths for our feet. We are not to wallow in the pain or curse the hand of discipline. We are to get up and keep walking the straight path. How can we do this? By remembering that if we are disciplined by God then we are his sons and daughters. His discipline means that he loves you. On top of that, God, who is your father, is also the king. And his kingdom cannot be shaken and you are a part of that kingdom. If you do not know the king, if you do not know Jesus are your savior then all these things are against you. God is a consuming fire. The horrible events, confusion, fear, and suffering you think you have now pale in comparison to what a waits you. Run to Jesus today. Flee the coming wrath. Ask him for his mercy and he will give it. Ask him to make you one of his children and he will adopt you. Ask him to make you an heir of the kingdom and he will have a crown waiting for you.