From Joseph’s rise and fall and rise and fall and rise again we need to learn that God has a plan. His plan is far more elaborate and extensive than we can imagine. We often get so absorbed in our own lives that we forget that our lives are not about us. We exist for Jesus. And our individual lives are about God redeeming a people for the Son. When we look at Joseph’s ups and downs we can easily place ourselves in the story. We can imagine what it must have been like to go through these dramatic life changes. But we must also remember that the reason that Joseph is going through all of this is that Jesus was coming. His life and the events that we have read are all about Jesus coming into the world. How would the one that would crush the serpent’s head come? Well, Joseph was sold by his brothers into Egypt and that led to a whole slew of events that led him to be a ruler in Egypt, which saved his family, which allowed Perez to grow up and have kids and his son had a son and his son had a son. Think of all the events that were ordered for the line of Judah to be the line of Judah. Think of all the times the line could have ended. Jesus did come and all those events culminated in his resurrection. But from there, a new event, in which all events, would be gathered. The great wedding supper of the Son where a person from every language and tribe and people will be there. People don’t realize that their individual lives are all a part of how God is going to get all of those people, his people, there. This is the amazing mind of God. So when you are tempted to despair, like being falsely accused and arrested, have hope. When you think all hope is leaving you, remember that your life is part of a greater plan than just your individual life. And remember the example of our brother Joseph, who was faithful to God in all of life’s circumstances. You are called to be obedient and follow him and trust that he has already planned how all of this will work together for your good.