Last time we read about a horrible story of sin and death in chapter 34. God will sometimes bring us into seasons of our life that are just so hard and trying that we fear that we will never make it out. And then we do. The Christian life is a life of ups and downs. When we left Jacob last time he was at the bottom. His daughter had been defiled and two of his sons slaughtered the male population of a city in murderous revenge. His other sons plundered the city, taking all of their wealth, women, and children for themselves. And you thought you had a bad day. But God does not allow his beloved children to stay at this low point. He will not allow the circumstances of life to destroy their faith. The circumstances might end in their death sometimes but their faith will persevere. In our chapter before we have two main ideas happening, some ups and downs, if you will. In 1-7 and 9-15, we find three occasions of fellowship that Jacob has with God. And then in verses 8, 16-29 we have three funerals of people that are instrumental in the life of Jacob.