Jacob responds in short order to Laban’s complaints. a. I was afraid you would hurt me. Jacob’s reason for sneaking away is the reason why Laban showed up. Laban proved this reason to be valid. He would have taken his daughters by force unless God stopped him. Jacob’s no fool after all. b. I don’t have what’s yours. Remember what Jacob did when he agreed to stay with Laban? He set it up so that it would be obvious if he stole from Laban. All you had to do was to look at the coats of the animals. Why would Jacob only take what was his but steal the teraphim? Does that make sense? It doesn’t to Jacob and so he says that if they found anything that didn’t belong to him to go ahead and take it. And Jacob’s conscience is so clear in regards to the household gods that he says that if anyone is found with them they will die. That’s a bit extreme but it does show how sincere Jacob is. He has no idea that his favorite wife Rachel has stolen them. No doubt he would not have promised the death penalty if he had any inkling that she stole them. This demonstrates the importance of having a clear conscience before both God and man. But it also shows the caution that needs to be taken when vouching for someone else. In his attempt to prove his innocence he pronounced death over his wife.