a. There is Always a Price. We need to remember that there are always consequences for sin. For the Christian who sins, the greatest consequence is that Jesus died for those sins. Christ died for Isaac’s defiance, for Rebekah’s deception and dishonoring of her husband, and for all of Jacob’s lies. This is the most costly consequence. Though the eternal consequence is paid by Jesus there are also earthly consequences for God’s children. God, being the perfect loving father, does not allow his children to be consumed by their sin. And so, God disciplines his children in many different ways. For the unbeliever, sin consumes them, destroying their ability to reason and eventually leads to eternal punishment. As we come to the end of this story we should consider the many consequences that come to the family of Isaac. b. Consequences in the Family. First, is the sad story of how Isaac, the blessed of God, is treated by his family. They all think that he is dying, but of course, we know he has another 6 decades left. But they think his end is coming and so they deceive and lie and demand from a man who they think is dying. They make a fool of the one who holds the covenant promises. And Isaac, because of his sin, finds that all of his senses and reason fail. It is sad to see this happen to Abraham’s son. Second, look at the relationship between Jacob and Esau. Their sins against each other lead Esau to become murderous and Jacob to run in fear. What could have been, at least, an amicable relationship would always be one of suspicion and fighting. For the sins that Rebekah committed she will be separated from he favorite son. Sure, Jacob received the blessing and he would live but she would not have her beloved son with her. Interestingly, the death of Rebekah is not recorded in Scripture. The death of her nurse Deborah that came with her from Mesopotamia is recorded. But all we find of Rebekah’s death is found in Genesis 49 that she was buried in the family crypt at Machpelah. Finally, there are many consequences for Jacob. He must flee for his life and he lives in fear of his brother for the next twenty years. When they finally meet again the fear and tension are still there and is their relationship ends in suspicion and finally in alienation. Also, Jacob is the one who stood to inherit the family estate and the leadership of the family must leave it all behind when he runs. He ends up in Mesopotamia with nothing but what he carries with him. He has to move in with his uncle. Then there is uncle Laban. He is a consequence in and of himself. The cheat will be cheated over and over again. Jacob will always live in the shadow of his sin.