As we conclude this passage, I want to leave you with a few thoughts. First, remember what God says to Isaac, “Fear not for I am with you.” The command to “fear not” is repeated by God to numerous people on all kinds of occasions. Improper fear is an enemy of the Christian. We are to only have one fear; the fear of God. Isaac learns this. Isn’t interesting that God will be known as the God of Abraham and the Fear of Isaac. A child of God will not be without problems. Though you might be blessed by God, troubles may come upon you. They may even take your life. We must not listen to the world that says that God wants you to be healthy and wealthy and you should seek those things. Jesus promised persecution for his followers. The father promised to discipline his dearly loved children as a loving father ought to do. But God tells us not to be afraid of the trials, the disease, the sudden disaster. These cannot touch you unless God wills it. And though these things hurt they are accompanied with blessings and mercy. George MyIne encourages us by telling us, “are you not sometimes afraid, and you know not why? Faith fails, and you cannot account for it. The promises pass from your mind, and you cannot recall them. The ground on which you stand seems to sink under your feet. “A horror of great darkness” has fallen upon you. It is “sudden fear.” My Christian friend, there is only one remedy for it — you must take it to Jesus. He will soon restore your peace. Courage shall return to your heart, while He says, “Fear not!”