a. The Lord Appears 23-24. Some time passes and Isaac moves on from Rehoboth back to Beersheba. On the night that they arrived and set up camp, the Lord appears to him. God knows what we need when we need it. After all this trouble with the Philistines, God has some encouragement for Isaac. First, God says that he is “the God of Abraham your father.” Look at how close God is to Isaac. He does not say, I am El-Shaddai but your father Abraham’s God. The God of the Old Testament is not some far-off vengeful deity. He is our father’s God. Then the Lord says, fear not. Why? Because he was with Isaac too. He was Isaac’s God just like he was Abraham’s. Then God goes back to the covenant promises, his stated word. I will bless you and multiply you. And then God reminds Isaac of his place in all this, “for my servant Abraham’s sake.” Not because of who Isaac is or what he has done, but because of his deceased father. That’s grace again. That’s undeserved or unearned favor. b. Isaac Worships 25. After the Lord leaves Isaac, his response is to build an altar, hold a worship service, and make plans to stay there for a while. The encouragement of God, the reminder of the blessing and promise and the statement of the certainty of the blessing and promise invoke worship. Honoring God and giving thanks, according to Romans 1, are the correct response to God.