a. ANOTHER WIFE. As we begin the text we see that Abraham took another wife named Keturah. There are many speculations and stories that have been created around Keturah. Since not much is told people like to try and fill in the details. Since the mention of Keturah comes at the end of Abraham’s life we can probably safely assume that he did not take her to be his wife until after the death of Sarah. In verse six it mentions the concubines of Abraham which many assume to be a reference to Hagar and Keturah. They were both the concubines of Abraham and were never given the status of Sarah as a full wife. If you read 1 Chronicles 1:32 it calls Keturah a concubine. What we know for sure is that Keturah gave Abraham six more sons. Though far from being a numerous as the sand on the seashore, God is fulfilling the promise to Abraham that he would be the father of multitudes. Most of these descendants we don’t know exactly what happened to them. They were probably enveloped into the local people and became the ancestors of the Arab people. But the Bible does talk about one son and his family. b. THE HALF BROTHER MIDIAN. Midian is a name that becomes familiar as you read the Bible. If you continue past Genesis into Exodus you read about Moses who kills an Egyptian. To avoid the vengeful Pharaoh, Moses flees to the land of the Midianites. It is there in the area named after Midian that Moses hears from God through the burning bush. Moses takes a wife from there named Zipporah. This half-brother of Isaac doesn’t stray too far from the chosen son. Yet their presence was usually not a good one. Often, we see the Midianites harassing the children of Isaac. Many of you know the story of Gideon in Judges 6. It is the Midianites who are the enemy of the story. These families were both the children of Abraham and yet had two divergent paths.