a. The servant’s journey. We are told that the servant takes with him ten camels and all sorts of choice gifts. Today that would be like the servant rolling up to Nahor with a fleet of luxury vehicles with a trunk full of cash and jewelry. Several weeks and 450 miles later and the servant gets to Nahor. The servant strategically goes to the well of the city at the time of day when reputable women would go out to draw water. This servant is no fool. He is trusting the God of Abraham but is using his mind as well. b. Then the servant prays. First, he calls on Yahweh, the God of his master Abraham. Good start, right? God remember your friend Abraham and remember your steadfast love for him and help me be successful for his sake. The servant knows the covenant love of God toward Abraham. He invokes that love for success in his mission from Abraham. Then the servant asks for a sign. It’s not a sign like, may she be wearing a red robe, but a sign that speaks of the woman herself. He asks God to make the right woman agree to give him and the ten camels water. Now giving the servant a drink would be no big deal because the woman’s jar may have held like 2 or 3 gallons. But the 10 camels. They could drink like 25 gallons especially after a long journey they’ve been on. Now we’re talking 250 gallons of water. This woman would have to be humble, hospitable, and very hardworking to agree to such a thing. She would have to be a woman of great character if she would not just agree to do this but suggest it without being asked. c. The servant meets Rebekah. But even as the servant is praying here comes Rebekah. The servant runs to her and asks for a drink. She offers him a drink and lo and behold she offers to water his camels too. The servant stands there and watches her to see if he had already found the one he was seeking. When he is sufficiently convinced and the camels were done drinking he gives Rebekah some gifts. These were not just small tokens but a significant gift that would equal around $35,000 in America today. In verses 23 through 25 we find the servant asking who she was and if they, he and the other servants with him, could spend the night at her father’s house. Of course, we already know who this is because Moses told us back in Genesis chapter 22. She was the daughter of Bethuel who was the son of Nahor and Milcah. Now the servant had asked God for confirmation that the right woman would respond correctly to his question. Little did he know that God was going to send a relative of Abraham’s. This was like double confirmation. Then Rebekah offers the servants and the animals a place to stay and eat. d. The servant responds to the meeting. In verses 26 through 27 we have the response of the servant. What does he do? What is his first response? He bows his head and worships. First, he praises God for his steadfast love and faithfulness toward Abraham. He does not take credit for the success of this mission but immediately points to God. “It’s all you, God. You did this. You love Abraham and you are faithful to your covenant promises. You did this.” Then he looks at what he did and said that it was God that led him. Just like Abraham said. God used his actions to lead him right to the house of Abraham’s relatives. What a blessing for this servant to have lived in the house of the friend of God. Clearly, this man personally knew Yahweh God of Abraham.