What do we learn from all this? God is a good God and is gracious toward his people. We never hear of Sarah’s laughing at the promise. Instead, the Holy Spirit passes by her unbelief and notices her submission to her husband. Instead of pointing out her scheming, the Spirit says she died in faith. God passes by the failings of his people and praises the good that he has worked in and through them. So be encouraged. If God has forgiven your sin then he will never bring them up again. But this is all contingent on the phrase, “they died in faith.” If you die in unbelief then every sin that you have committed in defiance and ignorance will have to be accounted for. Evil acts done in darkness will be brought into the light of day and judged. Beg God for mercy that you will never have to stand and give an account for your sin. And so we are called to follow the example of Sarah. A life that was not perfect but a life that was lived by faith. Is that how you live your life. Are you looking at your life with your eyes or by faith? Are you stuck where you are because you see the circumstances and laugh? How could God use someone like me? My answer is: How could he not use you? If by faith an infertile old woman can have a baby then why can’t God use you in his kingdom? Of course, he can use you and he will if you are walking before him. This week you will go about your life. And people are watching. If you love Jesus then you will do what he commands. He told you to make disciples of the nations. How are you going to be a blessing to the nations? How are you going to help the people learn about Christ? There are those around you that have little to no contact with Christians. How are you going to meet them? There are those that you know that have never heard the gospel. How will you share the good news with them? There are believers that you know that need to grow their roots down in the soil of faith. They need to grow in their faith and knowledge of the love of God. How are you going to help your fellow believers grow in their faith? There are some Christians that you know that need to be equipped to teach others. How are you going to help equip and encourage them? Think on these things. These are what it takes to leave behind a faithful legacy.