As we finish this passage, I want to go back to James Smith. He asks: “Are you now the blessed of the Lord? Or, are you accursed of God? One or the other you must be — get the matter decided if it is not. Live not in a state of uncertainty, much less in a state of unconcern. To be blessed of God is to have eternal life, plenty, and glory — but to be accursed of God is eternal death, destitution, and everlasting punishment.” That is pretty straightforward. There is no in between state. Either you are blessed or cursed. If your not sure than cry out to God for mercy right now. Don’t let another moment go by. His mercy and blessing he freely gives for those who turn from their sin. If you are blessed of God then I point you to Abraham. Abimelech knew that Abraham was blessed of God. The question for you is: Is it obvious to others that you are blessed of God? Do people notice that there is something different about you? Have you ever had anyone walk up to and say, “You are a Christian, aren’t you?” Have you ever have anyone remark, “Things seem to always work out for you”? If not, then examine your heart. Are you seeing the blessings that God has on you or has the cares of this life robbed you of your sight? Has the pandemic and the election and the civil unrest made you forget that if you are a friend of God he has and is blessing you? This week, spend some time confessing your ignorance of and refusal to see God’s blessings. Think on how God blessed those of Scripture, how he blessed Abraham. Then begin to see how he has blessed you. Plant your tamerisk tree and call upon his name. Praise your Lord.