There is a clear warning against the mocking of God’s people in this passage. This is not the only warning that the world is given. Thomas Brooks points out, “The old world scoffed and scorned at righteousness—and God sweeps them away with a flood. Ham mocked and scoffed at righteous Noah—and what did he get by it, but a curse? Ishmael scoffed at holy Isaac—and what did he get by his scoffing and mocking, but ejection out of Abraham’s family? And what became of those forty-two young scoffers that scoffed and mocked at holy Elisha? Were they not cursed in the name of the Lord, and torn in pieces by two she-bears which were more fierce and cruel than others? The Jews were given up to scoffing and mocking of the messengers of the Lord until there was no remedy: until old and young were destroyed by the sword of the Chaldeans; until their temple and city were burned and sacked, and thirty of them sold for a penny, etc., and those who escaped the sword were captivated and enslaved. Sennacherib scoffed and mocked at the virgin daughter of Zion—but his scoffs resulted in the destruction of his army by the hand of an angel, and in his own destruction by the hands of his two sons.” The warning is clear. God has put the world on notice: Mock his children and destruction will be your end. That is the bad news but the good news is that all those born of the spirit, all regenerated Christians, are children of Abraham and Isaac and Jacob. And because of that, we are free. We are from free the curse of sin. We are free from the condemnation of the law. We are not slaves, but free. We should not want the things of this world which are only chains to our souls. We are free from sin let us not run back to it. We must strive to kill sin and to love