The Dog Returns: God Mercifully Exposes our Sin Abimelech the next day meets with Abraham to confront him concerning his sin. A sin that started way before we got to this point. Abraham says that they came up with the scheme before they left Ur. Apparently, this sin has wedged itself into the heart of this couple. AW Pink says here, “Plainly, the evil compact which Abraham made with Sarah was due to the feebleness of his faith in God’s power to take care of them. And once more, let not writer or reader sit in pharisaic judgment upon Abraham, but see a picture of himself. Abraham did but illustrate what is all too sadly common among the Lord’s people—that which might be termed the inconsistency of faith. How often those who are not afraid to trust God with their souls, are afraid to trust Him with regard to their bodies! How often those who have the full assurance of faith in regard to eternal things, are full of unbelief and fear when it comes to temporal things! We have believed in the Lord and it has been counted unto us for righteousness; yet, how often, like Abraham, in the matter of the practical concerns of our daily life, we too, have more confidence in our own wisdom and scheming than we have in the sufficiency of God.” And so God in his graciousness and mercy has orchestrated this whole event to root out this sin in their hearts. The grace of God will not leave any sin untouched in the heart of his children.