The Aftermath of Sin: Conclusion
Part 5 of 5

This story cries out to us to examine ourselves. We must not follow in his footsteps. In the words of JR Miller,

“There is a picture of an artist sitting on an ocean rock which had been left bare by the retreating waves. There he sat, sketching on his canvas the beautiful scenery—sky, earth, and sea—all unconscious that the tide had turned and had cut him off from the shore and was rapidly covering the rock on which he sat. The tempest, the waves, the rising sea were forgotten, so absorbed was he in his picture. Even the cries of his friends as they shouted from the shore were unheard.

So men grow absorbed in this world, and perceive not the torrents of judgment onrolling, and hear not the calls of friends warning them of their peril. So they stand—until overwhelmed with the waves of destruction!”

This describes all people who love this world and who do not love Jesus. You are destined to be crushed by the waves of God’s wrath if you love this world. If you never turn to Jesus in repentance and faith then there is no hope. No self-help book or feel good message will rescue you.

But thankfully the story doesn’t always end with destruction. Because for some artists on the rock, a boat comes and the man in the boat drags the artist from his painting and secures him safely in the boat. The man might protest and fight at first but once secure he comes to his senses and begs the man to let him stay in the boat; begs to be taken to safety. If God has come to rescue you then grab a hold of him. Cry out and ask him to securely bring you to safety and he will do it.