In Sin and Error Pining God Perfect Judge

a. We already stand condemned. We finally come to the last section where we see God’s judgment against sin. In verses 23 through 25 we read of the destruction of the cities and the valley. God is not slow to bring the judgment as some might think. Remember that when Jesus came he said that he had not come into the world to condemn the world but to save. Why? Because the world already stood condemned. The trial was already over. The verdict had been read. Condemnation and destruction were already pronounced. Jesus did come to condemn because no one hadn’t already received the death sentence.

b. We can’t look back. We also see in verse 26 the death of Lot’s wife. She looks back to Sodom. Even as they are arriving in safety at Zoar, she looked back. Her heart is still back at her home in Sodom and she is incinerated like the rest of the inhabitants. She stands, according to Jesus in Luke 17, as a warning to those who love this world and do not heed the warnings. On the day that the Son of Man is revealed, one will be left, like Lot and another will be taken, like Lot’s wife.

c. We must be amazed at salvation. At the end of this part of the story, we see in a cinematic way our friend Abraham climbing back up to the spot where he talked with the Lord. As he looks down all he sees is smoke like the smoke of a furnace. Abraham had asked if there were ten righteous people in the cities then would they be spared. Abraham received his answer.

We must ask the question, why was Lot saved? God is merciful and because of Abraham. God used Abraham’s prayer. It says, “God remembered Abraham and sent Lot out of the midst of the overthrow when he overthrew the cities in which Lot had lived.” Abraham’s prayer was how God graciously spared Lot. This is not the only place that we find this. In the story of Job, he would pray for his friends and God said he would hear Job’s prayer and spare them. Abraham prayed according to God’s mercy and he received what he asked for. Do we as Christians have this heart of prayer? Do we want to see the light spread in this dark world?