It is matter of surprise and regret, that many people
seem to think that Christianity has nothing to do with
character! And that provided they are free from gross
sins, and have lively feelings in devotional exercises,
they may be as petulant, irritable, and implacable as
they please! This is a dreadful error, and has done
great mischief to the cause of God!

A sour, ill-natured Christian, is like a lamb with a
wolf’s head! Or like a dove with a vulture’s beak!

If there be any one word which above all others should
describe a Christian’s character, it is that which represents
his divine Father; and as it is said, that ‘God is love’, so
should it be also affirmed, that a Christian is love–love
embodied, an incarnation of love! His words, his conduct,
his very looks–should be so many expressions of love!

-John Angell James