My Foot Slips: Can We Wait?

Part 5 of 6. In these final verses, we see the epilogue to the story. Hagar returns to Abram’s household and she has a son just as God said. Abram listens to God and names the child Ishmael. The last verse reminds us that Abram has now eighty-six years and has been in Canaan for eleven years. The promised child has not come and Abram will have to wait. The question is can he wait for the promise? Can we wait for the promises?

My Foot Slips: Does God Care?

Part 4 of 6. The answer is, of course, he does. After Hagar runs from Sarai she heads back toward Egypt. However, that’s when the angel of the Lord appears. This is the first mention of the angel of the Lord. It is clear that this is not just an angel, but this is God himself.

My Foot Slips: Who is Good?

Part 3 of 6: The answer that we have from Isaiah and Paul is: No one is good. These verses are the contrast to verse 7-14 to the glory and goodness of the Lord. Abram, Sarai, and Hagar are all three the losers in this story.

My Foot Slips: Do We Trust Enough?

Part 2 of 6. This story stands as a testimony to the sovereignty of God. Abram and Sarai testify that God is control, but God has delayed in his fulfilling his promises. Do they have the trust enough? They trust him enough not to start buying up property and warring against the other people but do they trust him enough to wait on children?

My Foot Slips: Introduction

Part 1 of 6. And now we arrive again at one of those moments in Abram’s life where his feet almost slip. And why? It’s not because his enemies are gathering around him. It’s not because he is an enemy of God. It’s because of his own doing. Let’s look at what happens and as we do I want to ask four questions. Do we trust enough? Who is good? Does God care? Can we wait?

Cutting the Covenant: Conclusion

Part 4 of 4. Why do we fear? It’s not because he hasn’t given you signs. We have the greatest of all signs in the death and resurrection of Jesus. The promises that had been made have all been confirmed in the historical event of Jesus death and resurrection. Our fear is not because God has failed to do everything that would assuage our fears. Our fear comes because of our lack of faith. As Jesus said to his disciples, O ye of little faith. When we take our faith off of Jesus and put it on ourselves or others or circumstances then we will fear. But if we place our faith fully on God, we will have no fear. If we leave the will of God and turn to sin we will have fear. But if we walk uprightly and confess our sin, we have no fear.

Cutting the Covenant: Introduction

Part 1 of 4. . Today, we return to a common theme among the heroes of the faith: fear. Fear is something that almost all people struggle with. Sometimes fear is rational but oftentimes it is not. Why do we fear and why is it that when God speaks in the Old Testament or Jesus in the New, many times the first phrase is, “fear not,”? Let’s look at Abram here and see if we can’t find answers to those questions and maybe we’ll find a cure for our fear.